Friday, April 06, 2007

Seoul Garden

Open several years ago but never realli gain any publicity until recently when they decided to advertise. It's situated at Central Park , behind Astro HQ. They are specialising in Korean Food and the chef is pure Korean too.

They have two lots , one equipped with air conditioned and one is not. Their interior is ok...with the korean poster , korean traditional clothings and also showing korean movies. Somehow i think the miniature korean clothings is kinda freaky. HAHA.

I personally think the picture above look like i'm attending some korean funeral. LOL.

What did i tried?

Ttuk Bulgogi RM 15

This is marinated beef cooked on some stone bowl. (not claypot tho') . The well-marinated beef is cooked in many kinds of vege which i couldnt quite identify besides the leeks. Comes with rice , and four "lame" side dishes which is fish cake , bean sprout ,kimchi and some spinach-like vege. The kimchi was good tho. Was never a fan of kim chi but this one isn't too strong , and spicy! :P

The bean sprout is of the bigger version. Not nice.

and the rice is served in a stainless steel bowl.
overall , i'll give them 6/10 .

Jjambong RM 10

This is spicy soup noodle. It was good. Very spicy with thick korean flavour. Served with a prawn which is NOT FRESH at all , squids and vege which is more or less like the one in the marinated beef. I'll rate them 7/10

Honey Lemon lime RM1.50

This is one of my fav drinks outside whenever im sick of teh peng .. and i must say this is one the best. They use "kum quat".. which was not bitterish. Good. Double thumbs up!

I dont really know how to comment on their food.. but what i think was , it was not too good . but wasn't bad either. It's edible. :)

Everything was satisfactory.. i just had problem with their CUTLERY!!!

The chopsticks was flat.. ! Luckily i ordered rice .. so it wasnt so bad. But, my rice was "flying" here n thr... ! argh.. to some point i feel like eating with my hands! Somehow i thought the spoon was good coz it's LONG, means if you're sharing, you can easily spoon other ppl's food over :P

The highlight was.. i wanted to try this korean barley .. so i was asking my mom and then suddenly the waitress interupted and said it's made of's the conversation.

Waitress : itu air dia macam nasi punya...
Chef Mel : woot. *changes mind directly* sedap kar?
Waitress : Tak sedap .
Chef Mel : Macam mana taste?
Waitress : Tak Tahu lah. Jangan Cuba!

Omg. if im the owner im seriously gonna fire her. but if im a customer , i'll be glad to have such honest and straight forward waitress.. :P


Anonymous said...

Funny conversation. Lol~! Luckily u dont order the drink. the taste was terrible..ueks~!!

Melanie said...

hello there Yvonne! :)
was thinkin since im in a korean restaurant make as well order a korean drink. :P

hehe, anyway thanks for dropping by!