Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Birthday

to that special friend.

Hey Man,

it's your birthday today.

And today was also the day i first said "I love You" to you.. that was five years ago. I remembered it clearly coz it was on your birthday you forced me to say ....

Unfortunately , our love didn't last. Over the years , we've both move on with our own live but i'm glad we are still friends. Not close , but we still know each other's existence in this world and you would at least make an effort to meet up.

During our impromptu meet recently you told me your dreams and go on an on and on about your dream cars. I looked at you and smiled. You asked me about mine , but i wasn't clear what i wanted ..and I wish that i was that clear about my dreams too. I had always envy how hard you would work to achieve your dreams.

I remembered i asked you to tie the ribbon on my shirt and you go.. " Oh shytt. fuck. How to tie a ribbon? isit like shoe lace?... shit.. ohh go in here.. eh no.. here " Hahah. That was cute ... and when i looked at the mirror.. i blurted out.. " shyt. why so ugly one?!"

You went to bath while i watch the movie in the living room. And later came down with a torn boxer. I said.. "hey! why koyak one?!" Then you say.. you brought limited boxers back. And i asked you.. " why you wear underwear with yr boxer? " and you say.. " Its my habit la!"

I tot it was so kewt of you to wear ur socks before you wear ur pants. I asked .. and you said " more convienient ok!"

So many things that i remembered.. even tho we spend such short time together. Not because i can't get over you ( infact i did long ago ) .. but you always gave me such good time and 1001 sweet memories.

It was sad we couldn't meet the night before i left, but you reminded me about our promise. I totally forgotten about it... but i'm glad you remembered. Can we make it?

Only God knows.

Happy birthday "MASHIMARO"

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