Saturday, March 22, 2008

MAS - Golden Club Class

Just recently, I had the privilege of flying with Malaysia Airlines' premium class, the golden club class. It was a wonderful experience!

The moment everyone settled down, I was already offered a juice of my choice. And just as I was sipping my last sip of my juice, I was asked if I would like to have coffee or tea.

Then, i was given a pillow and blanket - comes in real handy when you're really tired. After the take off, I was again asked for drinks again. At some point I was actually feeling quite irritated. Haha.

There's definitely difference in the way you were served. The stewardess address you by your name and it was a personal touch. You really felt appreciated as a customer. But then again, you actually paid quite a huge sum to be served. :p

I read a bit of newspaper while passing the time. It was a an early evening flight and I was hoping to see the sunset from the plane. Just so you know, the most beautiful sunset I ever saw was on the plane! It was magnificent.

Then it was makan time! I was served black pepper chicken.

No plastic plates. That's a huge credit. Presentation's great. The food actually tasted really good! There's even salmon salad. Haha!

After that , i was served hot sunflower seeds bagels and i honestly tell you, it's one of the best bagel i ever had!

And lastly, after the constant asking if i want some drinks, the stewardess gave me hot towel. And i meant really hot towel!

By the time the hot towel was collected, the plane was about to land. The lights were switched off and i managed to dozed a bit.

It was indeed a Golden Experience and the service was really impressive. No doubt I will consider taking it again in the future!


Anonymous said...

See here or here

Johnny Ong said...

yup, its really nice getting to travel in those class of travel. and when u are on a longer journey, u will be inundated with more food servings, practically non-stop and no limits.

good thing i can eat a lot and it was a privilege ... hehe

Melanie said...

hey Johnny!
You should be really grateful to have those priviledge ei ;p