Saturday, March 08, 2008

Ipoh Town Coffee

Yet.. another coffee post..

So, i spend my last few hours in Kuching, here with Stef!

I haven't heard about this coffee chain before .. and i must mention here that this is NOT Ipoh Old Town coffee. Anyway , this place is located at Boulevard Kuching, right at the end. You won't miss it since Boulevard is damn small.

The basic interior with the marble chair. The waitress posing maut!

Just a lil info here. To judge an original marble table is pretty easy. When you go to restaurants with marble chair or tables , try touching below the table / chairs ( not the "kaki") . If it's damn rough, then it's fibre made. :P

Hot Mocha

Ice Blended Ipoh Town Coffee

You see.. everywhere you go ..there's always this local coffee shop with their brand name "Ipoh". I never got the chance to taste the original one from Ipoh and .....

if this is it, the coffee really sucks.

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