Saturday, March 29, 2008

Seoul Garden

So.. there's one fine night that my mum asked me to accompany her to have dinner here. She's a fan of korean food btw. I've visited this place several times .. but after i left for Uni, my times in Kuching are pretty much spend stuffing myself with local food and the size of the shop shrinked as well... however, they opened a stall in Boulevard's food court recently.

If you were a regular of my blog, you know that i blogged about this place before.. too lazy to link. =p.. and the names are simply too complicated.. so i don't have the names of the food.

The ever so popular rice..

To be 'stir' with the sauce below. Very very nice la!

Kim Chi Pork

This one taste normal.. came along with the white rice below.


I like the rice.. There's something special about it!

The side dishes...

Kim Chi

The Kim Chi here taste better than the one in Koreana.

Bak Choy

This look rather sad rite? Hahaha!

Seaweed Soup


Tempura Egg Tofu

A bit sweet. Don't like it.

Bean Sprout with sesame seeds.

Not nice lah. Over-cooked!

Sushi-s and Tempura-s.

Mandarin Orange

Barley Tea

Taste rather weird.. Don't order. Hehe.

Wah.. Just realised this was a pretty long post! ;p Enjoy!

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