Sunday, January 13, 2008

Bella Italia

Every single Kuching-nites has been raving about how good their Italian cuisine it , So , before i left for my uni or better known as jungle, i had lunch with my mother here.

I like the architecture... very Italian-ish to me. But my mum was like, " You sure it looks Italian?"

I'm impressed by their cleanliness. =D

Since we had our lunch earlier on , we didn't order much.

Pizza Margherita RM 13.80

This is the most basic pizza and ... it is always through their basic pizza you judge if the restaurant serve good pizza. I'm very disappointed with the taste tho. It is the kind of pizza , a kindergarten kid do. No speciality at all.

Linguine Mama Mia RM 12.80

I was kinda shocked to see how terrible the pasta is being presented especially with such cool name! And it looks really like hokkien mee! OMFG! My mum laughed at me about how i always like to order food with weird names and it always turns out tasting bad. It's really sour and heavily spiced. Not nice.

Coke RM 2.80

Taste like coke =D But they forgot to charge in my bill. Hehe!

After hearing so much good comments from almost everyone that visited the restaurant, I'm kinda surprised how bad the food taste. Maybe it's just that day? I will give them another try. =)

Mail me at for the location. :)

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