Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Happy New Year 2008

First and foremost, Happy New Year Everyone!!

How was your New Year?
I spend the last two hours of the eve stuck in a massive traffic jam. And finally settled down in Merdeka Palace for the countdown. It wasn't great , but the company was good. It was just too bad Beng couldn't make it.

Well, we went out late coz all of us had family dinner to attend.

My family dinner was great. It was with a very close family friend , so i enjoyed it a lot. Not to say they said something that really opened my eye up and , i Thank God , i made a good decision.

What I had ?
(No verdict again)

Lamb Leg Curry

Sweet and Sour Pork (Heaven for people who is going Kedah)

Pork Satay (Another Heaven)

Philliphine's Pork Knuckles ( Double Heaven)

Roasted Duck

Did i ever tell you guys that i love roasted duck!?!Mmmmmm!!

Teochew Fried Long Life Noodle

KFC!! Lol

wei! it means a lot to me! Hrmpf!!

Cucumber and Ketupat

That sums up my New Year's dinner :)

Please pardon the quality of the photograph. They're all taken with my SE K610i.


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Melanie said...

hi , barb michelen. thanks!