Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Koreana Restaurant

There's this hidden Korean restaurant situated along side with Scoops ( That lousy and gelato place that people has been raving ). Never knew the existence until one day i told Vero i wanted to have Korean food and she suggested this place. Momoyama at the old Upwell is of the same owner.

The architecture is simple and neat.

The menu also damn attractive.

Just that it has a lot of spelling mistakes!

There were wide varieties for us to pick and we had a hard time deciding what to order. After about 20 minutes flipping the menu again and again, we finally decided to have :

Kim Chi Fried Rice RM 10

It taste ok but I was expecting a much more strong Kim Chi Flavour but it was just mild. Portion was nice tho, not too much.

Kim Chi Cui Gui RM 25

If you pronounce it in Hokkien, it sounds like Kim Chi "water ghost". LOL. Anyway , this is kim chi soup and it's really good! Not too spicy yet when u sip it , it gives you the spicy zest!

Oh Jingho Bokum ( I'm not so sure of the name )
RM 25

Incase i got the name wrongly, it's fried squid. The portion was generous for the price you pay. Just RM 25 for a full plate of fresh squids. Very worth it. They taste really good too. Well flavoured and not over-cooked.

The side dish that came along ...
( Sorry but i don't know the specific name )

Kim Chi

The most well-known Korean food. Made out of fermented cabbage ( or any other vege) mixed with spices and seasonings. The one they have here is pretty good , but not well-seasoned (yet).

Another seasoned cabbage

Tasted like cabbage in blended chilli.

Jelly fish

Not bad lah this one.Edible.


This one damn nice! I love clams and its even better that i went with two friends who don't like clams. LOL.

Anchovies + Green Chillies + Huge Garlic

I didn't try this one. I don't take anchovies.. and i don't take huge garlics either.

The fruit salad

Don't know why i find it a bit wrong. Does Koreans really have this?

Our drinks

Ice Lemon Tea RM 3.00

Ice Green Tea RM 3.50

Japanese Green tea wins hands down!

The place seems very hidden but there's really quite a big number of customers in there. I don't mind visiting the place again. A quiet and peaceful place. Thumbs up!


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel. Added you in MSN. Have been busy since school reopened this year. My Form 6 life is even busier than my Form 5 life huh...

Oohh... I like the look of the kimchi fried rice. Looks so delicious. Fried rice is one of my favourite dish. Btw, have you ever tried tomyam fried rice? It's very delicious. I wonder how's the difference between tomyam and kimchi fried rice as both are equally spicy, in my opinion. Haha...

Melanie said...

Hie david!!!

Form 6 life , sure is busy! be prepared for it!

tom yam and kim chi two different flavour even tho its equally spicy.