Sunday, January 27, 2008

Chef Mel melt for romantic guys

By far , this is the most romantic scene i've ever seen in my whole life. Ofcourse they are better ones on the telly, but this is something i saw with my own eyes , and was partly involved.

Three days ago, it was my Felo's ( sort of warden for my block ) fifth wedding annivessary. The night before he called us down for an emergency meeting at 11pm. We thought it was something
'big" but little did we know he was asking for our help to surprise his wife.

He wanted us all to sing a song for his wife. It was a Malay song "Kaulah Segalanya" by Ruth Sahanaya. The song enough was extremely meaningful.

Like i say, i melt for romantic guys, so i went that night, along with boxes of candles.

When i arrived ,he was all prepared with the laptop on and Altec Lansing speakers.
When it was about time , he called his wife out to the balcony. His wife was surprised to see so many people gathering.

And the romance begin....

He read a poem on the loud speaker .. it was a long poem.. but i love this part.

" I love you , I love us"

and for a man to say "I love You" to his wife many times in front of so many people (what more to say his students ) , it was amazing.

His wife were wiping her tears by then and when we started to sing the song , he went up and hug his wife..
and this is him reading the poem with his wife listening at the balcony. That's my felo's house, which is at the end of my block.

The world needs more romantic man.


Anonymous said...

WOW....such a romantic guy! i thought this kind of scene only exist in the love movies..

Melanie said...

hey anonymous,

yeah , love wud be so wonderful with many more guys like tis. Hehhe

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more.