Wednesday, January 02, 2008

New Year Eve Countdown

I did not spend my new year eve in any of the hippest club in Kuching , getting myself drunk or dancing the night away.Good girl like Chef Mel won't do such thing. Heheh! JK lah.

Since i couldn't make it in time to any of the clubs , so we settled down in Seattle Coffee House in Merdeka Palace. It was packed there and they have live band in Beccari so.. it's basically like free music there.

Seattle Milkshake RM 8.50

I can't remember if i tried this drink from Sam and Stef.

Caribbean Crush RM 8.50

Taste tomato-ish to me. Ben told me it tasted like lip balm. LOL.

Double Shaken RM 9.50

Taste normal. Coffee based drinks. It's just nothing to be rave about.

Strawberry Lady RM 7.00

Such a nice name for the cake. The taste? The worst cake i've ever eaten in my whole 20 years living. Not to mention , i was so shocked when the waitress took the cakes by HAND.

The quality of the drinks and cakes is too lousy to be served in a 5-star Hotel's Coffee House. The place really SUCKS.

*** The drinks is subject to 15 % tax.

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