Friday, June 15, 2007

Happy Birthday Vero!

I went out for an early birthday dinner for Vero last 2 days. Being an understanding friend i am ( Tee Heeee) , i knew she would be busy with her family and sweetheart Lawrence on the exact date so i celebrated early with her. Chinese has this superstitious thinking of not celebrating birthday late.. so better make it early! :P

We went to Jade Pot Tea House located along the shops of Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi (formerly , Jalan Keretapi) .. A taiwan concept restaurant.. almost similar to Taipei 101. The only difference is that the waiters and waitress here do not shock you with the "Huang Yin" and "xie-xie" thing. They have a smashing yellow signage so it's hard not to notice them. :)

What did we have?

Vero's Mysterious Rice

HAHA! I forgot to ask her what she order. HAHA! she told me it's nice .. and she finish eating everything? so , should be nice!

Pork Chop Noodle

This one is nice!!!! The pork chop is HUGE! :P The pork chop is superb! The mee is mix with a lil maggi sauce and it's not oily at all! But .. hw i wish if it's mix with chilli oil instead~!! :P

Wantan in Chilli Oil

The wantan taste alright.. but i thought it is supposed to be spicy rite? Why this one is salty and has the sweet edge? So weird.. they must have herd my order wrongly. Hehe!

Sundrop Ice

Taste like Sundrop Orange i guess? Van's! You know how people like to think Sundrop is just orange juice? Just like how people think all containers is Tupperware? So weird.

Vero's mysterious Drink

Hahah.. i can't remember the name lahh! But she told me it's nice! Looks like diluted beer hor? hehe!

Pearl Milky Tea

The pearl is soooo rubberish!! The tea taste alright lah. I still prefer the one near Southern Cake House! :P

The place is usually packed on peak hours ESPECIALLY during lunch.. They have another one in town .. that's nearby the old tourism complex. Food are very reasonably price! Go visit there la k? :P

Anyway .. Vero, this is for you!

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