Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Causeway Bay Hong Kong Restaurant

It's located at Crowne Towers, and in case you're like me .. who always got mixed up with Crowne Plaza (thanks to "anonymous" for correcting me) , Crowne Towers is the one opposite Hock Lee. Heheh.. A place that served Hong Kong- Chinese food that is HALAL.

I'll say the design is damn modern and very "inviting". I love the place. Love it so much i came twice within a gap of 2 days.

I had an impromptu lunch with Jess and thought it was good so our farewell dinner was held here too. Farewell dinner for me , Jess , Jo and Sam. We'll be off to our own "path" soon. Few more days to be exact.

Had many things here....

Seow Mai RM 3.50

The seow mai is satisfactory. Edible. But it's nothing to be wow about.

Yam puff RM 3.50

The pastry is fluffy and crispy .. but i didn't quite like the filling. But i would recommend this one tho.. coz the pastry is really good.

Chicken Feet RM 3.50

The chicken feet also satisfactory and taste ok. Again it's nothing to rave about.

Egg Tart RM 3

The egg tart came popping hot... Indirectly making it taste twice better. The pastry's good too. Can try this one.

Sizzling Noodle with Chicken Chop
RM 6.90

The sizzling noodle is good. Comes with two choice of sauce which is mushroom and black pepper. The mushroom one is nicer. Good portion too. Worth it.

Deep Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Chicken
RM 7.90

This one doesn't look so appetizing when it came.. Honestly , it looks like some fried mixed vegetable. Hahah. But when i taste, damn impressed lo! The hor fun is "special" made for them i think..it's square! Very crispy ..and with the sauce! Good good! Order this one!

Fried Hor Fun with Sliced Beef
RM 6.90

This one damn sad lohh... Looks like hui sing's RM 1.80 cha kueh tiau! So dissapointed when it came ok? Dunno why the beef don't taste like beef one.. taste more like pork??? DON'T ORDER THIS ONE!

Honey Milk RM 3.40

Jess said it tasted like coconut milk wor? I didn't try lahhhh... don't like milk~! and i don't know what's up with her drinking milk for dinner? LOL

Ying Yong Hong Kong Style RM 2.80

Ying Yong= coffee + tea + milk. Quite nice... heheh!

Jasmine tea RM 2.80

They all said taste normal.. Good portion. Very worth it. Nice vase-like glass too.

Plum Green Tea RM 3.20

Sumhow i think the green tea doesn't blend well with the plum they use? They should have use the red plum lah.. i didn't like it. But i like the jar-ish glass!

Highly recommended place.... !! They have wide range of toast too .. but i didn't have the time to try it.. A perfect place for reasonable priced breakfast , lunch and dinner! :) Service very good also..food come very fast!

To Jo , Jess, Sam and Beng. .. All the best guys. Love you all. You guys are the best! Not forgetting Stef too! =)


Anonymous said...

er...i think ur still confused? hehe correct me if im wrong...

actually crown square and crown tower are both located side by side opposite hock lee centre...crown square is the shopping mall ie where causeway bay hk restaurant is and crown tower houses the offices, banks, gym, and badminton and squash courts...

crowne plaza (formerly known as riverside majestic) is the one located opposite riverbank suite in the golden triangle...


Melanie said...

ohhhhhh... opppppssss!!! Thanks for telling me!!