Thursday, June 21, 2007

Xuan Ye (Chinese Restaurant)

Located opposite Ala Carte's 24 hours convenient shop , this Chinese Restaurant is open for breakfast , lunch and dinner. It has the old-fashioned marble table and .. the typical Chinese Restaurant architecture. The sign board is yellow yea! The place got a lot of car.. kenot take pic!

Been here quite a number of times , and am quite satisfied with the food every of my visit. Price is rather reasonable too. All the food comes with a bowl of soup!

Claypot Chicken Rice RM 4.50

Claypot chicken rice is one of those God-send food , and i dont know why not many places in Kuching sells it! It's one of my favourite food ever since i first tasted it in Jalan Alor, KL! Aneway, the claypot chicken rice here is good. It has the perfect combination of all the "supposedly" taste, and enough amount of salted fish and chorizo sausage. The chix is too lil tho! Highly recommended!

Kampua mee RM 2.50 (i think)

The kampua mee looks quite sad. I wonder why Sucker Jo always order weird food. Haha.. The kampua mee comes with NO cha siew, and woot. comes with some lame fish balls and crab sticks. and the type of mee they use isn't the right one.

Chicken and Chinese sausage Rice
RM 3.50

The special thing about the rice here is that , it is steamed and not cook in a rice cooker. They're steamed in the soup bowl , and it makes the rice more fluffy and soft. Very special. This dish won't be my choice tho' , coz i don't take ginger. Bt if you do , this dish is good. Generous amount of chinese sausage and quite a big piece of chix.

Liang Cha RM 1.80

The drinks here all comes in a non-see-through-glass, so i took only one photo.. i like the liang cha here though. Not to bitter, just enough to cool me down. Hehe!

So , head down to this restaurant after movie in Star yeah! Cheap and good!

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