Friday, June 22, 2007

Nasi Goreng Nyonya Special

This is one of my favourite thing to cook.. a recipe i created myself! :)

What you need?

Rice of course , rite? haha. but i didn't take picture of the rice lah.. make sure the rice is cold yea?

Then, Lots of Cili padi ( i didn't wanna type "Bird's eye chili" Coz i juz dun like that word. hehe) , chili, bawang merah , garlic , dried prawns , and a tiny bit of belachan. Blend everything.

You'll also need this.

Fresh squids, Fresh prawns, Chinese shitake mushrooms (diced), salted mackerel (or other types of salted fish) , and another two bawang merah (sliced it ).. then fry the sliced bawang merah for garnishing later.

Two eggs .. fry them!

Fry them till they're 80 % cooked, cause later you're frying them again. Leave them aside first.

Then you fry everything! Start with the blended ingredients.. fry them for about 3 mins then add in the prawns.. DO NOT add in the squids together yea. coz later the squids will be overcooked. So , when the prawn's almost cook, add in the squid . Then the rice and egg.

Lastly add one tea spoon of oyster sau
ce , one table spoon of dark soy sauce and one tea spoon of light soy sauce and of course the inevitable salt and MSG.

Then fry .. fry fry.. and then wah la la!

This marks the last post on my cooking on this blog until September (Maybe?).. will tell you all about it some day! hehe! :)

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