Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Glutinous Rice Dumpling ( Bak Chang )

Today , is the Dragon Boat Festival. I've heard a lot about the legend behind it , but i'm not quite sure which one is the right one. I wont write a lot about for this post , coz i really don't know much bout the festival. (Readers , if you know bout the legend , tell me yea? )

The traditional Rice Dumpling

It's glutinous rice dumpling wrapped in a different kind of Pandan Leaves (nt the one where u cook syrup one) or many would prefer the bamboo leaves.. and there's meat , mushrooms and chestnut inside. Very nice. Hehe!

The "Kee Chang"

There's 2 kind . One with filling and one without. I personally prefer the one with filling especially if it's red bean paste. The one without filling is nice to eat with honey or golden syrup.

The Peanut "chang"

and many many other "chang" that i didn't have chance to take pictures!

Happy Eating Bak Chang Everyone!!


David said...

Hi... Chang is one of the food that I like especially mushrooms in it... My mum make this too but the only thing different is she doesn't wrap the rice cuz she doesn't know how to wrap. So instead of wrapping the rice with the bamboo leaves, she cover the rice, bottom and top layer with those leaves and then steamed it. It's the same lar only that I can't get the fragrance of bamboo leave... Haha...

Melanie said...

hey .. i love them with many many mushrooms!! haha. hey David , i got into UUM! leaving nx week.. very soon..business management (hons)

David said...

Ya, I love mushrooms!!! Congrats that you got into uni... Best of luck!

Melanie said...

thanks lots david! enjoy the freedom you have now.. haha. the rules in uni is so strict that it's funny! haha