Friday, September 19, 2008

Sakae Sushi

This place is the nearest competitor to Sushi King but i would say , this place had a lot of competitive advantage over Sushi King.

The architecture of this place is very modern and I think the one in
Bangsar Village have one of the most beautiful design amongst the many branches they have.

There's also have a section to cater for private dinners in small groups.

Each of the table is equipped with a LCD screen at the side and you order them through the computer.

It's pretty cool and efficient ;p They have the service
kaiten as well , but i prefer ordering from the menu.


Like many how i did in other Japanese restaurant, i would always order

But here, they actually have a hot water tab at the side of each table. So you don't need to ask the hostess to refill.

Salmon Don

I was actually craving for salmon that day so i search in menu for the dish that has the most salmon and i chose the right one.

Close shot.

Very nice!! Salmon very fresh!


I'm very particular about my salmon and here, they serve really fresh salmon at reasonable price.


Fried Salmon. Quite nice, but i still prefer salmon raw.

Unagi To fu

This one is rather special. The soft tofu is deep fried and then later put in this soy sauce gravy yet the tofu still remains its
crispyness. The tofu and unagi made a great combination.

Sakura Ebi Kakiage

It' s actually thinly sliced tempura vegetables. Nice and crispy.

Miso Soup

They're one of the few Japanese Restaurant in Malaysia that serve good
miso soup.

Plain Rice

Hmmm.. plain rice. Nothing much to shout. Lol.

The service here is really good. The food came later and they knew we weren't so please and gave us a complimentary desert.


I love o-
mochi and they're o-mochi is good .

If you want cheap and good Japanese food, this is the right place for it. I would definitely choose
Sakae Sushi over Sushi King. This place is really good, i've revisited this place a number of times ;p So, do expect a few more post on this place.


Ai-Ling said...

looking at the pics make me crave for jap food now!

JC said...

I like Sakae Sushi too ! I even collected RM 500 worth of receipt in order to exchange for the VIP membership card... lol !

Melanie said...

Ai Ling :
Haha, as i was typing, i was really craving for some good sashimi too!

J.C :
Wah! cool! i shud start collecting too! :P