Saturday, September 27, 2008

Sumptous Desert

Sumptous Desert is located at the dining floor in The Gardens, Mid Valley.

I was walking alone and this nice lady in front of the stall approach me and ask me to sample the durian pancakes.

Note : I do eat durian ocassionally but, i am never interested in any durian flavoured food.

This one taste really good and i actually asked for another to sample!

and i decided to buy. Pretty costly tho'. RM 4.00 for two.

It's really good although it doesn't look any close to pancakes! The skin is made to immitate durian's texture and it's filled with a layer of cream and real durian. They have cempedak flavour also.

Must try. :)


BB said...

do u know where i can get teh c special here in penang??
i am cravin for it..LoL

Melanie said...

hey, sorry, i wish i do! coz i am craving fr it too. will be dropping by Penang tmr till 3rd Oct! Any recommendations of the must-trys ?

BB said...

sorry,i dunno..LoL.
i am still very new here..