Monday, September 15, 2008

Kuala Perlis Seafood

Located at the jetty port to Langkawi. The place reminds me a lot of Buntal in Kuching. It is also located beside the beach and is build with an almost similar design. This is a Chinese-operated halal restaurant.

I do not really go here often but if i do, my orders are always the same. ( All the food below is for two person) .

Fried Rice RM 8

I didn't like it cause it's quite tasteless but i just have to follow the majority's decision. ;p

Salad Yau Cha Kueh RM 5

I blog on this before and this is their signature dish. I love this! It's crispy and juicy! Real orgasm-ic! Must order if you're here.

Lemon Chicken RM 8

The lemon gravy on top taste kinda bland but the chicken is well fried. Good portion and thigh meat is used.

Fried Squid RM 8

This one taste normal, nothing to rave about but the squids are fresh.

Umbra RM 1.50

In case you don't know, this is actually buah kedondong juice. They call it Umbra here. And this is one of the place that serve 90% original juice from the fruit itself. Very refreshing. You can also order them in jug if you go in a big crowd.

Fried Ice cream RM 1.20 each

THIS IS SUPER GOOD. The skin is crispy and thin and the ice cream is heavenly. The only laid back is you cannot choose the flavour you want. My favourite is the mango one.

Close shot!


There is one thing i must compliment on this place. They will serve the food in ten minutes! I doubt if they cook it earlier but it's quite impossible because all the food came out popping hot.

The food taste pretty normal actually but the fried ice cream and the salad yau cha kueh is something not to be missed! So, do drop by here, if you're on your to Langkawi through Kuala Perlis jetty. :)

... and this is a nice sunset i witness there sometime ago.


Ai-Ling said...

i just can't resist reading post about food:)

Melanie said...

Ai Ling :

Then visit my blog more often!:)