Sunday, September 21, 2008

IKEA cafeteria

I've heard people rave about the meatballs here and i went out to check it out myself to see if it is a case of overrated.

I don't know why but the design give me a feeling that i'm in airport. Hehe. But i have to say that all the things inside the IKEA building is very customer-oriented.

The meat balls
RM 8.50 (for 8)

It may not look so appetizing but it is damn good. The balls are freshly made, enough herbs and spices and to eat them with the cranberry sauce is really a great combination. However, i thought the brown sauce could be better ;p

Daim Cake RM 4.50

Really good! and i assure you, they really put a lot of daim inside! Make a really good desert.

In case you don't know what Daim is, this is Daim!

I used to like Daim a lot , but am kinda sick of it now after having the privillege of getting it duty-free. hehe.

Apart from the good and cheap food, YOU MUST VISIT THEIR TOILET!! ( I know, very potong steam to put together food and toilet. hehe) Really, damn cool one the toilet. Hehe.

The meat balls is definitely NOT a case of overrated.


TNH said...

You are right..from the picture,the design is really look like in airport..haha...the appearance of the meat ball is really bad..i don't think i'll try it if i walk by it...

David said...

Oh my gosh... Swedish meatballs... Never try before, wish to try some when I have the chance...

And the cranberry sauce, was it sweet, sour, or salty? Really curious about that... Because I'v only tasted cranberries in cereal and they are sweet & sour... Haha...

Happy holidays in advanced, Chef Mel!

Melanie said...

tnh : Hie! Hey, it really taste good! and its not always u can eat it coz by the time it reaches ur turn, its finished!

David : the cranberry sauce taste sweet with a sour after taste. Kinda weird yet nice combination! :P

Happy holidays to you too! :)

Johnny Ong said...

their toilet is cool??? hehe

Melanie said...

Johnny Ong :

Hey , seriously their toilet is really cool. the cafeteria part. i don't know if their design is all the same. I wish i had a pic but it was a bit jakun if i actually take a pic of the toilet! Hehe