Thursday, June 12, 2008

Bombastic Cafe

Bombastic is not a new eating establishment and i guess it's not new to Kuching-nites too. But, i only manage to step my foot there recently with an old schoolmate of mine.

The interior is the normal funky-coloured-chairs thing.. I would categorized it as very IKEA-ish ;p

My friend had :

Fish and Chips RM 8.80

I didn't try but she said it's good. Generous portion for the price you pay.

While i had :

Black Pepper Lamb Chop RM 10.50

It was surprisingly good, juicy and not over-cooked. The gravy was nice as well.

Alice in Wonderland RM 4.50

This is soursop + peppermint. I didn't like it coz i find the taste coz the mint tasted a lot stronger than the soursop so it's like drinking tooth paste ? :P

Strawberry and Vanilla RM 4.50

My friend said it's good.

The only drawbac of this place is that the salad is served with frozen mixed vegetables - something i hate. It makes the food looks cheap ! Otherwise , the service was great, food well presented ,reasonable-priced and the ambience was alright. ;p

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