Friday, June 13, 2008

Chicken Rice Shop

Ever since i first tasted the chicken rice in Midvalley, i've always wanted them to open one branch here in Kuching. After a few years of waiting, they finally open one in Kuching!

The interior of the place is a lot like a children's party is going on. Hehe.

The ugly chicken basket that they have in all their outlets in peninsular. The cutlery was really dirty that even after you wipe with the tissue again and again, it's still dirty!

I went with Vero a few nights ago. We took quite a while to order coz the menu was .. shall i say a bit confusing? and their single set was too huge for one person yet isn't enough for two.

Noodles with sliced chicken RM 8.90

The noodles they use is the home made egg noodles. It was VERY oily that i thought they had an evil intention of getting my arteries blocked! Hrmphf! The chicken was tasteless and i'm so sure it was overnight.

Chicken Rice RM 6.90

On the opposite, Vero's food was fine. She said it was good and her chicken (sounds wrong eh?) looks better! A lesson learnt : Chicken Rice shop order chicken rice only!

The rice looks good too ;p

Both the food came with a bowl of soup and the chili.

The soup had too much msg. Bad for health!

The chili on the other hand was good. But if you're going to kiss your boyfriend after eating, don't eat it coz it'll leave you with bad breathe.

Teh Tarik RM 3.90

They never asked me if i wanted it cold or hot and unfortunately it is hot (which i hate).

There was huge difference with the KL's branch. Lousy. Don't want to come here anymore! Go to Delicious Chicken Rice!

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