Sunday, June 01, 2008

Food and Tea Hong Kong ( The Spring )

After meeting Dr. Sheikh (the Malaysian angkasawan), i brought Jess to this place for her birthday dinner.

This place has quite a number of franchises in KL. I don't think it's popular tho ;p

I like the architecture! Modern and simple.

They gave me a good impression the 1st minute i stepped in. But the next minute I was so turn off when i saw the waiter was yawning while serving. There was a number of waiters but they took so long to get our orders even after me waving!

We had :

Stir Fried Nissin Noodles with Beef RM 7.90

It was very oily and i doubt they really use Nissin noodles.

Buttered Chicken Diced with Rice RM 8.20

Jess said, " The rice is really hard and it tasted more like mushroom soup." Plus, the chicken is not diced, and the rice was really hard!

BB grass jelly RM 2.80

Jess' , didn't try ;p

Tea in Hong Kong style with Grass Jelly RM 3.50

It was alright.

The food is definitely overpriced for the portion and taste.

Not recommended!


Anonymous said...


DISLIKE that place!!!

lousy service!! gave them 2 chances and yet they disappoint me thoroughly!

Melanie said...

yeah..i wont give 2nd chance!

Anonymous said...

hehe. i liked the one in times square! tho i must agree the service in kuching is quite bad.

Melanie said...

stef : yea!