Thursday, June 05, 2008

The Two Bananas

The two bananas is yet another new eating establishment. I was attracted by the name so i gave them a try ;p

The place is still rather new. Thus, the emptiness.

The waiter is really nice and he's from my former high school ;p

Sweet and sour chicken rice

Jess said it's nice.Looks nice to me too. hehe

Mongolian Chicken noodles

I didn't like the combination of creamy chicken and kolo mi noodles. But it's edible ;p

Lime Barley

Teh Peng

I was really thirsty so i drank a lil before snapping ;p The drinks are however really lil and diluted.

The place serves no pork, and the food is reasonable priced. Oh, they have wi-fi too and ample of parking. Give them a try if you're out of place to go ;p


Anonymous said...

Finally! I've been waiting for a review of this place. Thank you!

Melanie said...

katherine : you're welcome ;p