Monday, February 18, 2008

Anchor House

Before i came back to Uni after the Chinese New Year break , I had a quick dinner with my parents here. I can say that i grew up eating at this restaurant and they probably contributed to 50% of the cellulite I have today. Situated nearby the Rubber Road's Singapore Chicken Rice.

They're not the best Chinese Restaurant, but they have the best suckling pig in Kuching. I swear. I've tasted almost all the suckling pig available in Kuching. Hrmphff!

Ok, back to the story. Every year , it's a tradition for me n my family to have Yee Sang here. This year it's only me and my parents. Usually, its the "big" family.

The typical interior of a Chinese Restaurant.

The "source of income" in the Chinese Restaurant. Usually over-priced in EVERY Chinese Restaurant.

The Yee Sang

This is the original version of yee sang using the right fish and cranberry jam. I damn like this photo. Damn warna warni. Heheh. Then you toss high-high. The higher the better !

Suckling Pig

DAMN GOOD. Why is it called suckling pig anyway? Sounds like it "sucks". They should call it Sedap-ing Pig. hehe!

The wong bak , fish maw, mushroom and "huat chai".

The "huat chai" is the hairy vege. I know what are you thinking. HEHEHEHE! This is also a must during Chinese New Year for prosperity.

Tomato Bee Hoon

This is their signature dish. Very different from the rest of the place in Kuching. Not to mention the seafood used is always damn fresh one!

Suckling PIG!!!!!!

hehehehe! =D

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