Sunday, February 24, 2008

So Tired

Well, i'm writing this especially for Hua Beng , and for those who care about me.

Beng, I'm sorry, the line in my hostel sucks. I wanna tell you what i'm up to but the line just sucks!

Currently :

I am playing futsal for my hostel for Inter-Uni. I just finished a competition yesterday and my body is still aching.

I am currently holding a "post" in hostel's Bureau and that really take 80% of my free time. But i do enjoy meeting all the "big" people everyday.

I am the leader of a facilitator project - canoe-ing "clinic".

I am also in the editorial board doing monthly bulletins and the upcoming magazine for hostel.

I am doing English announcement.

I am having my mid-sem.

I have lots of assignment to pass up!!!!!

What else?

Tiring but i enjoy every single part of it.

So Beng, keep me up to date about yourself too. Mail me kay

Miss ya lots!

To Someone ,
" Only God knows.. i hope i make it there .. "


Bengz said...

heya mel,

I really was touch-e-ded...I am not different from you bz as well with 'you know whats going on with me'...hehe =p


just say that...

hai expresses the hard times you're going through

hahaha shows that you will overcome and be at the top of it all

so enjoy


soon everuthing will be at the tip of your fingers

luv lots

ah b3ng

Melanie said...


yea, hope by the time i get bek , things will get bek normal for ur side. so we can do our usual thing -teh c peng + keh kah cheng + laksa mid of the nite.

missing u lots n lots!