Friday, February 15, 2008

Chinese New Year Eve Dinner

Yay! Finally can blog! Was kinda busy last few weeks and when i'm free to blog , the blogger put a game on me.

I'm very depressed now coz i did badly in my mid-sem this morning. Thank God the blogger is all alright now so i could "de-stress" myself.

Ok, back to blogging.

This is what i had for the reunion dinner.

Black Pepper Lobster

Fish Maw, Pig's tendon , Crab-Pork-Meat-Balls and Wong Bak soup.

Pork Knuckles ( to be served cold)

to be eaten with the home made blended chili. Damn syiok

Roasted Quack Quack ( Duck lahhh )

Steamed Kampung Chicken

So that's what I had for my reunion dinner. Everything was good , and blogging about this makes me miss my family so much. Chinese New Year is all about together-ness rite?

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