Saturday, February 16, 2008

Chinese New Year - First Day

My family has this tradition to eat the "long life noodle" on the first day of Chinese New Year.Usually i have it in the morning for breakfast but this year my dad decided to be more staunch so he asked my mum to fry it right after the clock struck 12. ( My dad is not allowed to cook for the timebeing )

It looks like the Chinese Vermicelli but it's NOT.

The packet.

Only at RM 2.50 , You "MIGHT" live longer. So why not believe it?

You fry it with blended chili, dried prawns, onions and garlic.

Then put Chinese chorizo sausage

And leek.

Apparently in Chinese it is pronounced as "seng / suan" which means "count" .. so eating the leek means having lots of moolah to count the whole year. Hehehe.


I also took a few photos of the fireworks and this is also my 1st time taking photos of fireworks! hehe!

Nice o not? LOL.

More CNY Food in the next few post!


Anonymous said...

Hi!!! What does the long life noodle tastes like? Was it something like maggi or was it tates like mee rebus a.k.a the yellow noodle? Just curious...

Melanie said...

hey david!

it a bit like bee hoon. hehhee. :P if its fry the way i show in the post , its gonna taste a bit spicy with the dried prawn hint. =D