Saturday, March 10, 2007

Reasonable Price Western Food

If you notice , there 's a growing number in home-concept restaurants in Kuching. some do it full-time , while some do it to pass their time. most of it is owned by jobless man or pentioner. I must say most of them (not all) , has pretty good stuff to offer.

I had been a loyal customer of this place and i must say i'm quite satisfied with their food every of my visit there. Anyway , i'm talking bout this restaurant situated just opposite the 3rd mile 20 cent discount store. It's easily spotted since they have lots of red lanterns hanging. Last time they use to sell pots and top soils and i remembered when i was young , i always asked my mum if they had business since i've never seen any customer there. True enough , they decided to close their business and venture into a new industry. so , i was correct. They had no business! :P

A fusion concept restaurant and i must say they're good in preparing both asian and western delicacies. However , i'm there to eat their western food most of the time. Hey , i'm always there with my mum , ofcourse , i'll choose the much more pricey food ok? :P Btw , the owner is actually the younger brother of the Hui Sing's Spring Garden but the food here is hell lot better.

I've tried most of the food there , but i only have a few pics to show here coz i'm usually there without my cam. :P

Beef steak (Black Pepper sauce) RM 10.50

I 'm not a fan of beef because they tend to be dry most of the time . i ordered that day coz im quite sick of lamb and this one must have impressed me so much that i reckon i'm gonna be a fan of beef chop starting from now. I love the fact that it came medium cook , and they're just nice. And the meat is still "red-dish". One rule i love on my steak. This is something i recommend here. Chef mel rating : 9/10

Fish fillet in black pepper sauce RM 9.50

this one is HIGHLY NOT RECOMMENDED by me. The dory fish is so thin and small and doesnt taste nice. Or rather not "full of taste". Taste normal and sometimes the dory fish is not fresh. So , don't order their fish yea next time. :P Opt for lamb chop kayz? since it's only RM 8.80 . (the lamb chop). Chef Mel Rating : 4/10

Spaghetti Bolognaise RM 7.50

I must say i'm not impressed at all when it was served to me because it was watery. One of the easiest rule of a bolognaise is it musn't be watery. So i was not even interested to taste it at all but my mum had her first mouth and she said it was good. and yea , i must admit i was wrong coz this bolognaise taste really different from the ones i've tasted. The speciality of their spaghetti is that the sauce is fried together with the cooked spaghetti in a pan before serving. Normally , spaghetti (the pasta itself) is not cooked with the sauce. The generous amount of parmesan cheese totally uphold the taste and this is something you should try there. Chef Mel rating : 8/10 (i think they should use parsley instead of spring onion)

Ice lemon tea (not sure of the price)

I know the picture doesn't look like a glass of ice lemon tea. I think it better off look like some teh c peng , but trust me , this is their ice lemon tea.It's the drink i order on all my visits there. The ice lemon tea is the "season's brand" one , but it blended with ice for a period of time , and that's why there's lots of bubbles. Don't worry , they did not guggle in their mouth to make the ice lemon tea with bubbles. HEHE!! Chef Mel rating : 10/10

Other good tries here are the lamb chop, mixed grill, and belachan fried rice with salted fish. Their chix chop sucks a lil .Oh btw , you can opt for mushroom sauce if you dont like black pepper. :)

So , go thr and haf a visit yea , or call me if u wanna go thr. ^_*


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