Monday, March 26, 2007

Angel Hair Alfredo

How to-s in pictures :)

(after u saute the bacon, leave it aside before putting in the sauce later)

**spelling mistakes (put it - put in*) and i forgot to say add in the bacon to the sauce too :)

(Angel hair is not apropriate for this recipe.I had to use this cz when i wanted to cook this , that's the only pasta available at home and i have no car at that time. It's nicer with tagliatelle , linguine, fetucine or spaghetti. In case you're wondering the difference between alfredo and carbonara. Alfredo uses butter to thicken up it's flavour while carbonara uses eggs. )

When u boil/cook the pasta , make sure you add salt in the water so that the pasta wont break and more "bouncy"( no idea wt word to use , but u guys get wt i meant rite? :P)

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