Thursday, March 15, 2007

heart - attacks! :)

I got 2A's, 2B+.To be honest , i was quite dissapointed with my result. Practically for one reason. I just need to get an A more to come out in the papers! DAMN! ok, i know that's lame. But that was what i wanted. Plus i got two B+ , which means i'm 0.3 (in GPA) closer to an A. You say "suey" or not. I blardy blame on that super suey guy i met when i 1st drove to school. Blardy haulien ugly hairy guy. It must be his spell.HAHA.

Funny thing was , we were given our result in the bank statement kind of thing , which means we need to tear the sides,and almost everyone couldn't tear it coz our hands were trembling! i took like at least 3 minutes to open it! HAHA!

Many people congratulated me when they knew my result. I dont realli think its good tho , so i find it funny shaking hands with many people , even my FRENS'S DAD! Mum and dad is happy too. I donno. It is a kind of mixed feeling i feel. Half side happy coz a lot of the rest did so much lousier , and another half side of me sad- coz i m very close to A. When i got my result , i was almost in tears. Kinda like numb a bit. But after i went to see some other people's result , i was like.. "im not bad after all". since straight A's and 3A's , added up , only 15 candidates. And for 2A's it was less than 15 ! (or maybe 20). there's like at least 250 students for form 6!

Getting good result is really important to me . That's something i strive for the moment i enter form 6. I know the Science side people would question my result. You know the typical "You in Arts side marrrrrrrrrrrr". I'm here to prove those that look down on me before , the "wow" identity i lose when i move to arts, That i can do better than them. You know , the only thing i always Thank God for is for me to have the guts to move to arts. I bloody hate the bloody farqing politics in Sc side. Like Jess said on her blog. Bloody fake faces . The "OMFG. I'M SO GONNA FAIL" but in the end "Oh i got so good result". I'm so sick of the fakeness in science side. I still hate them now. i hate them so much that i'll prolly force my kids to Arts side next time.

seriously , if you guys are so FARQIN SMART, why is there VERY VERY lil people who scored A for PA which is the must subject for sixth formers.. as far as i know , SC side is the one who flooded the PA tuition in Mutiara.They rave bout it , they chase the teacher for it, and tell me , how many people scored A in PA? and it doesnt mean we're not learning some lame formulas which are not needed in life , we're studying something easy OK ? Those who look down on me, Now , i'm saying this to you : SHAME ON YOU.

If you guys are so friggin smart , then , why is there so many C'S , D'S and F's ? You guys are smart rite? Then why still get so lousy? Coz chem, bio or physics is difficult? Oh , so i tot you guys are smart~! Then why issit difficult? YOU ANSWER ME now!

Don't ever question MY RESULT. i got 2A'S 2BS. no one wud ask wt subject you take and no subject is easy , ok?. At the end of the day. it's the bloody ALPHABET matters.

Yes, the bloody alphabet.

**Jess , darling. I love you and you know tis doesnt "ditujukan" to you. :) and no one actually did question my result. hehe. i juz write this coz i know people will, and i still HATE the politics in sc side. Cant they just be humble?


David said...

Hi Melanie. Congrats on your results! 2As and 2Bs in STPM is so good already, no matter you're in Science or Arts. Like you said, I hate the politics between Science students too. And guess what, that even happened to me even during my SPM years...

And you were like my inspiration to switch to Arts in Form 6 (apparently still have 2-3 months ahead). I just got my SPM results on Monday. Like you had said, politics, politics, and politics even on the day we took our results in the school hall.

Anyway, wish you best of luck in whatever you're gonna do in the future e.g. get a degree? =)

Melanie said...

hie there David! Haha. You're a loyal reader yea! Thanks! :)

Anyway, yea , ppl said my results good, but still not satisfied with it. mb im asking too much! haha. but i would say i din work as hard as i should , so getting 2A's was ok. At least i din study till i;m almost dead and still score 2A'S. you noe..that really sucks if it happens.

True enough, the politics in Sc side will never end. It's like a tradition.... prolly? sucks , but that's the reality.

I feel honoured that i'm your inspiration to study in Arts, but trust me . You wont regret it. Not only u get to study something u're more interested, but at the same time , you find true friends. Most importantly, FREE FROM THE STUPID POLITICS!

Thanks a lot , David!! Yeap , i'm goin to continue to pursue my dreams, getting a degree that is. :)

Anonymous said...

It happens here too among the asians. Since all of them do health science- which leads to med, pharmacy and dent.
They always look down on people doing commerce.
Always in their own little world just because they think what they are studying is harder and everything. They are just too full of themselves.
Even tho i'm taking a Science degree, they will still sort of look down on people who don't do health science anyway.
They think all other courses are not "professional".
Sien... with people like these around!

Melanie said...

Stef :

Yape. Bloody haulien people. Hate them!!!

David said...

You're so welcomed Melanie...

People are just so used to the "Science is better" mentality. Come on, if the whole world is full of scientists and doctors, who's going to manage the finance, economy, law, etc etc non-science related matters?

I think I know how you felt too. I mean, when I told some of my friends that I'm planning to switch to Arts, instantly they discouraged me by saying "Oh, it's so downgrading. You're a Science student, why would you want to degrade yourself?' And of course more or less, I felt hurt and offended. Isn't that pathetic? But of course some of my friends are supportive.

By the way, I think I wouldn't be regret with my choice after weighing the pros and cons. Your points are so true!!

Can you tell me what subjects did you took for STPM? Cuz some subjects are not available in my school and I've no one to ask for information because apparently everyone's going for Science...

Oh yea. Stef is so right. Science students look down on each other. It's such a cruel world. And we're not even in the working world but yet all these look-downs and back-stabbings are already happening all the time.

Anyway, Melanie, hope to read more of your posts on food and recipes!! =)

Melanie said...

hey david.

i took PA(a must), Econs, BM and business. I dun encouraged you to take Business tho , coz there's very very lil people who wud score A for tat subject (i didnt too) and it's really time consuming. The notes are 4 times of ur form 4 and form 5 sejarah. If you're not hardworking , stay away from this subject. I didnt have the choice to choose the subject , so i had to take tis subject. Econs is difficult too , but i would say its easier than business.

If you're good in Add M3, you can take maths in form 6. Most schools dont teach the subs in school , but i tink u usually find a tuition teacher.BM is actually very very tough in form 6. But it can also be the subject that help you score if you really understand it. BM FORM 6- a total different with form 4/5

Yeap , sc side ppl are cruel. They're sooo fake!! i've been repeating tis word a lot of time . but yeap. You know i hate so much when some of them would rave about how lousy they got but it's actually "considered good". Or some would say ... "OMG , I din study at all" ... and it turns out they got the highest. Then they will be so secretive about what is going to come out during exam. Damn kiasu community. I wonder if it happens in the hospital as well. Like a doctor would said he has no patients at all , but actually he has a lot.. YOU know . That kinda ting..

and , who actually leads the hospital? Not the doctor.

David , one day , we'll proove to them , people from Arts stream can be much more successful than those from Sc!!!!

Melanie said...

a corection in line 3, 2nd paragraph

it's u you easily find a tuition teacher :)

Anonymous said...

true true!! haha...even tho i'm a science side student. uek!!

why can't they be humble like Lee?? Or, why can't they just say proudly "yes i did study"? hehe!

whenever i said that i did study, they'd be like "waaaa....that means can get A liaw la?" so sickening i tell you!!

and anyway, science side ppl usually end up working for arts side ppl. tee-hee

*crosses fingers* let us get into U, let us get into U!!!

David said...

Haha... Cruel world.

I think I would like to study PA, Business, Economics, and Maths S. Sadly, my school doesn't teach Accounting. I would like to switch Math S with Accounting hehe... But it's okay... Oh... Maths~ So tough!

So Business and Econs are tough subjects? I'll watch out for them. I'm sure Maths is VERY tough because many people told me it's much harder than SPM Add Maths! Also I have no choice but to take Business too. All Arts students in my school have to study Business.

Yea, you're right! One day, I'll prove to them! Arts rock too, not only Science!