Saturday, March 17, 2007

BDC seafood restaurant

I Had been goin this place pretty often in the afternoon with my mom and our order is always the same.Aneway, it's situated juz behind Everise Bdc so its really very easy to find. Oh, they hold some cheap skate wedding too. so , incase you got pregnant and havent had the time to collect money for your wedding , you know where to go yea? :P

(Took the pics with my mum's SEk750i)

Tomato Beehoon RM 5

The tomato beehoon comes with lots of fresh prawns, squids and marinated chicken breast. The tomato gravy is also nicer than a lot of other places and it's slightly thick so it kinda make the beehoon very smooth and it's cooked in fresh tomatoes. Most place, their vege is over cooked BADLY that it turn brown , but i can assure you this one is still "crunchy"! You know i hate so much if my tomato beehoon is black-ish in colour coz they add soy sauce into it and it kinda like ruin the whole tomato taste! Wo bu si huan!!I thought the price was pretty cheap since it comes in good portion and lots of fresh seafoods n chix! This is something you must try here! Chef Mel rating :9.5 /10

"Zhao Chai" Bee hoon/ Foochow bee hoon RM 6

If you're a Sibu-ian , you'll know what is this. This is a popular foochow delicacy. The soup is sourish , but not extremely sour cooked
together with "zhao chai". I had no idea how to say "zhao chai" in English tho`. hehe!The beehoon is larger than our normal beehoon (smtg like asam laksa's) , and i find that it goes well with the soup.(the beehoon is shown on the side of the photo :P)Although the traditional way is using our normal vermicelli. This dish comes with a few half-peeled prawn. And yeap , the prawn is fresh! :) Chef Mel rating : 9/10

Lime and plum juice RM 2

this is my all time fav there. But i wont say the taste is consistent coz sometimes it taste like bittergourd! so yea... depands on your luck yo! Chef Mel
rating : 5/10

Oh the waiter and waitress there is a bit pain in d ass . I dont know what langguage they understand cz they dont seem to understand what i say most of the time and show their extreme blurness! Even if i point on the menu! argh! But nvm , forget bout them. Their food is worth to try! :)

In order to make chicken breast soft , put corn flour on the chicken breast and leave it for a few mins! :) That's how the restaurant do and uncle bob's chicken! hehe

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