Thursday, November 25, 2010

Bacon, Ham and Avocado Sandwich : The Subway

It's funny how i've been home for almost two months now but I have yet to cook for myself complicated meals or even attempt to. Somehow it always felt like the lack of time is the cause of it. Where did my time go? I don't know. I think the clock's moving way too fast! Sandwich seems to be a part of my daily meals of late though. It's quick, easy and I *cough* kinda love the idea of eating healthy now.

Yes I know, I just said eating healthy! But, but, how can you decline juicy and tasti-licious streaky bacon? Just eat in moderation and you'll be fine. :D I've also added sandwich ham and black pepper loin. Put all three in the oven and let them cook for about five minutes or so. (just to seal the juices)

Make sure you don't over cook your meat as you'll be putting them back on the oven for the mozzarella cheese pieces to melt all over it - together with the halved french loaf. Breads usually taste much better after toasted.

Then once, the cheese is fully melted, arrange the lettuce, avocado slices and amoroso truss (a type of tomato) on top of it. Squirt(sorry, this is the only adjective I can think of. Lol!) some mayonnaise on the avocado slices to "glue" them together so it wont get messy when you sandwich the two halves. That's pretty much all the steps needed to an awesome sandwich!

Here you go, Subway from the back of your own kitchen! :D


Unknown said...

ur subway makes me hungry

Melanie said...

Baby : That's the whole point! haha. So you'll be intrigued to try too! Hope you had an awesome dinner!