Monday, November 29, 2010

AirAsia Mobile Check-In

Since the previous post I wrote on AirAsia's Web Check in turns out to be one of the post that generates the most traffic to my site, I decided to do the same pictorial guide for the mobile check in for Android phones.

Either I do it wrongly but it works like Symbian phones - you still have to go to via your browser first.

Step 1 - Once in the web, click mobile check-in.

Step 2 - Key in your booking number and your departure airport.

Step 3 - Then, select the guests you would like to check in.

Step 4 - This is the last step! Enter your e-mail and mobile phone number to receive the bar code.

Unfortunately, I did not receive the barcode sent to my phone. It was e-mailed to me though.

However when I reached the airport, there were no bar code scanners. According to the website, airports that does not have the scanner, passengers who had check in through their mobile can go directly to the counter to have it scanned and boarding pass printed. (Before anyone starts to think that Kuching's airport is on the trees and does not have the electricity to have a bar code scanner, here's a picture of our on-the-tree airport *sarcasm*)

I queued at the normal check-in counter and was told to go to another counter - which was quite a long queue. Ironically, it was also the queue for the web check-in passengers to have their printed boarding pass verified. The counter check-in queue actually has almost nil passengers.

All in all, it took me almost 20 minutes before I finally got my boarding pass. Taken into consideration that there were actually no one at the queue for counter check in, that's quite long! (and a tad frustrating when you're expecting it to be quick?)

My say on the mobile check-in? I personally think that while it's easier than any other check-in methods - and is supposedly to be faster, I didn't feel like it did serve its purpose. But then again, it might be because the bar code scanner so happen to be missing in action. Haha. I'll do another write up when I fly again. Might be next week! :D


Anonymous said...

Agreed. Right now, the mobile check-in doesnt serve it purpose, hoping they will improve the service. And to those who think people in sabah & srawak still live on the trees, i think it is time for our education ministry to include this matter in history subject at school as these questions are frequently asked by friends from peninsular and its really really really annoying. Whats more frustrating is that these people are universities student who for me should have known this simple common knowledge even tho u hv not been here

Mina Tan said...

Opsss sad to hear that. Thought It is suppose bring convenience, save time n easy for consumer.