Monday, November 15, 2010

How to cook Beef Soup

Ahh, it's been close to two weeks since I last blog! Time really flies, and I don't even know what occupied my time! and.. and I know I haven't post my cooking for a while but the chef in me is back! :D

All you need to prepare this beef soup is thin sliced beef, beef balls (as in the ones made from the meat hor.. not the testicles. :P) , salted vegetables, bean sprouts and chopped parsley + spring onion. If you want it to taste like the Vietnamese pho, add in local basil leaves.

First, boil the water together with tang choy, salted vegetables and half a teaspoon of garlic oil.

Then add in the chopped parsley and spring onion and let it boil for a while. Spring onion is to add sweetness to the soup while the parsley is to neutralize the taste of beef.

Later, add in the beef balls. Just when you're about put off the stove fire, put in the sliced beef and bean sprout. The sliced beef is supposed to be cooked just nice to maintain the tender texture. Bean sprout on the other hand must not be over cooked.

Eaten with chili vinaigrette. Super awesome.

Closer shot! Om nom nom nom.

and if you like, do it the Cina style! Have it with a can of beer!

Life couldn't be better eh?

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