Saturday, October 09, 2010

Yet, another chapter closed

Wow, I have so much to write, I don't know where to start! I usually try to stray away from being too personal in my blog, but i'll make an exception for today, kay?

Four months ago, I embark into what I call a "new adventure". I chose to do my internship in Penang, a city I have visited endless times but never once based at. A lot of people question my decision as to why I would want to be away from home just for an attachment. My answer is simple. I want obstacles! Doing it at home just make me less independent - a trait I forbid myself to instill.

I've grown to love Penang so much (as I always had) that packing everything and come back home was a little bitter. It wasn't the initial plan but after having seen so much drama during my internship, I decided I wasn't ready to work just yet. All I need is a break, and some time to think through what's in store for me in the future.

The first week of my homecoming totally flew by. It felt like it was yesterday I was counting hours (was hundreds of hours then!) till I am back and next thing I know, I was already waving goodbye to Ben from KFC in the airport and him walking to the terminal.

It's already been ten days since I'm back and only today I felt like I am starting to regain my consciousness and ..stepping on the ground.

I still have a very important assignment to rush, and i'm still trying to find the mood to do it!

p/s : Thanks for the e-mails and comments complimenting the blog! Appreciate it much and do keep it coming! I'll be back once I finish my practical report! :D

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SandraC said...

i miss u..wish u were back here in penang. we havent even raided the 1 am chap fan! aiyo