Monday, October 25, 2010

Kek Seng Kopitiam

My four months internship was without a question not a bed of roses. But like they say, everything has its pros and cons. So, the pros was that my office was located in the heart of Georgetown, where good food are within reachable radius.

Above all the places we went, Kek Seng is one place that has captured my heart in many ways. I'm a sucker for coffee shop that gives me a nostalgic rush and Kek Seng, being one of the oldest coffee shop in Penang has just that. I thought I had the picture of the place but after going through all my folders, I couldn't find any. :(

The first time I came to this place was actually for their star item - the ice kacang with homemade durian ice cream. The home made ice cream was what they got their fame for - so famous that an Australian man wanted to have this before he die! However as good as the ice cream tasted, I didn't feel like it complemented the ice kacang. It's better eaten on its own.

The multi layered jelly on the other hand gave the ice kacang a nice touch. The taste of the jelly is not something unusual or unique but it made the ice kacang different from any other place in Penang. Other than the ice cream and jelly, the ice kacang is like in any other place. Comes in a bed of shaved ice covered in sarsi and rose syrup, then topped with red bean and cream sweet corn.

I don't usually eat rice for my lunch for fear that I will fall into post lunch coma but when my colleague ordered the chicken rice, it looks so good I couldn't resist ordering it. And I didn't regret! For me the pre requisite of a good chicken rice is the rice and they pass with flying colors! The rice was fragrant and each grain of the rice came as individuals while the chicken was undoubtedly well flavored and tender.

There was this afternoon where I was practically starving and ordered char siew to go along with the normal serving of chicken rice. The char siew is not like any of what i've tasted before but it is very, very good. Not overly charred, slightly sweet, tender and very juicy. Practically all the good adjectives of a well cooked meat dish!

The minor hiccups is that "chai buoy" soup they served is just slightly above par. I've had better one. But it's all forgiven! Really. Hehe.

The place is also famous for other Penang affairs - loh bak, assam laksa and popiah.

I wouldn't be able to do taste justification for the assam laksa and popiah tho'. Assam laksa to me is an acquired taste. Not everyone can take the pungent smell of "he ko" and noodles served in fish based broth. I don't take fish so naturally assam laksa is one food I stay away from.

Popiah on the other hand gives me no excitement due to the absence of meat in this dish. HAHA. But really, an all vege dish usually don't impress me a lot. hehe. That being said, I do have a very famous popiah in Penang in the line up post! :D

I was told that the loh bak here is quite famous back in decades ago. I personally think loh bak is "ze dish" for Penangites. Go to any place that serve loh bak in Penang and you can hardly be dissappointed.

The place is not very difficult to locate. Situated opposite Bee Cheng Hiang Komtar (the one along Jalan Dr Lim Chwee Leong) . Don't bother looking from Google Maps - for I once got lost using that as a guide. hehe.


jolene said...

ais kacang with sarsi? never heard of it

Melanie said...

Jolene : most old places will have sarsi syrup on top of the usual rose syrup. It's good :D

Chuckie said...

Haha..I know this place, the laksa, so so, loh bak, so so, cendol is nice. Laksa u shud go Farlim one, so so so good.

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Melanie said...

Hello Chuckie! whereabout in Farlim?