Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Kuih Bulan


This year marks the fourth year of me celebrating the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar away from my parents. It's not that we actually have huge celebration back home but it's just nice to be home with your family during festivals like this.

I always make it a point to get myself a moon cake even though I don't really favor the taste of this sweet pastry. Somehow I always believe it was eaten for prosperity. Lol!

Legend has it that, moon cake was actually a way the Yuan (some say Ming?) Dynasty passed the messages around without letting the Mongolians know. The message is slipped in the moon cake! Not too shabby for a wedding proposal also eh! :P

Anyway, happy moon cake festival everyone!


I celebrated my Mid Autumn festival the truly 1Malaysia way. Lol

Had awesome Nasi Kandar with kuah campur for dinner (instead of you know.. stir fry pork?lol)! Huge piece of chicken! =D

And since it's Pink Day, i head over with my friend to Baskin Robbins for awesome Brownie Ala Mode (Chocolate Fudge with two scoops of ice cream topped with caramel, M&Ms, whipped cream and cherry!) Just look at the caramel. It was sex!! :D

Finally, a picture of the full moon I took on the way back to my apartment.

Hope you guys had a great night. I certainly did!

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