Thursday, June 03, 2010

Burger King's Comfort

I know most people go for the burgers when they're in Burger King. Yes, the whoppers are awesome and the mushroom swirl is my ultimate favorite! But what people are not aware of is that beneath the great burgers varieties, they also offer pleasurable (*ahem*) comfort foods!

The Mozarella Cheese sticks are fried and extremely sinful. Ah well, what food are there that gives us orgasm without having us committing any sin? ;p It's best eaten hot, when it's all gooey inside and crunchy outside. Slightly salty tho' so you might want to just order one servings even tho' it comes in only three sticks.

Another "diamond" that is hidden beneath the extensive burger menu is the Hershey's pie. It's extremely chocolaty and rich. I really, really love it. It's one of the food that I would describe as "food that makes me go to heaven for a visit." :)

Anyway, i'm writing this because I really need comfort food now. I'm mourning for my Great Dane who has been with my family for coming 9 years (this 13 June) and left us this morning around 5a.m. R.I.P Bruno. It's gonna be very different without you for sure.


David said...

Hello Mel! How are you doing? (^.^)/ Have been quite some time, I guess since I visited your blog =P

Wow... I've passed by a certain Burger King outlet a number of times but never go in and have a try before. Maybe I'll have a try someday hehe...

Aww... Am sorry to read about your dog. May he RIP. =[ He'll be in doggy heaven now. =)

Melanie said...

David : Hi! Yeah, it's been a while since I last saw your comment. :p Burger King is better than McDonald's burger. You should try. :)

Anyway, yeah my dog's definitely going to be in the doggy heaven. He has served us so well that even when he was sick he still bark when strangers past. I feel so sad thinking about him again. Had to control my tears yesterday when I knew it. Talk about being professional on the third day of work!

cooknengr said...

Burger King's latest...BBQ ribs, those are awesome.

Melanie said...

cooknengr: Haven't been to Burger King for almost a month now. Not too sure what's the latest there. But i sure hope they have the ribs as well. I love Burger King!

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