Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Black Pepper Lamb Sandwich with Chips and Lemon Dipping

After working for eight days continuously, I finally have a day off ! Had KFC for supper yesterday and slept after that. Yeap, yeap. Sinful! Seriously, KFC should consider serving beers. Goes along very well! ;p

I'm usually very worn out after work so I usually just settle with Froot Loops and milk for my dinner. But with a day off today, I decide to cook myself a nice meal - black pepper lamb sandwich!

I went to the hypermarket the night before and got marinated lamb, onions and sweet pea shoots for my sandwich. Initially I wanted to add in the honey glazed ham in as well, but decided not to. Hehe.

Since the lamb is already marinated, all I need to do was to stir fry it with onions. There is no specific time as to how long you should cook this as it depends on how you would like your lamb to be.

I don't have a toaster in my apartment so I toasted my bread in the pan I used to stir fry the lamb earlier. Works well! I usually like to get either baguette or unsliced loaf of bread so that I can slice it thicker. Sandwich taste better this way!

Instead of using the conventional lettuce, I chose to be a little fusion and used sweet pea shoots instead. The shoots taste a lot better when it's raw and i've seen a lot of international chef using it in salad as well.

Of course, eating sandwich alone won't be enough. I bought some chips and made a simple lemon dipping to go with it. You can go for the easy way - sour cream. But because it won't be practical for me (i don't eat sour cream so often) so I got mayonnaise instead and tone it down with lemon and pepper. Awesome. ;p

Ready to serve! Black pepper lamb sandwich with chips and lemon dipping(served on red leaf lettuce).

I'm actually quite amazed with what I can whip up. I only have one pot, one bowl, basic cutlery of one each and one plate. Lol.

Ah.. noms noms. Can't wait for my next off day! For the time being, I shall think of what to cook again. Hehe.


Melanie said...

Baby : hahahah i just woke up and im kinda hungry just looking at the pictures as well :P

jfook said...

Omgg..useless even I have eaten my dinner..So hungry..

greenteacarm said...

omg D: am drooling now :(

Melanie said...

jfook : hahaha go supper! :P

greenteacarm : glad my photos can make you drool! means i'm not quite a bad photographer eh? *shy* :P

Vinay said...

Food , Glorious Food

when inviting for dinner

Melanie said...

Vinay : anytime! ;p

SW said...

Whoa! This is luxurious! :D