Friday, March 19, 2010

A guide to AirAsia Web Check In

Just two days after I spent the weekend in KL, i was back to the city again for a very brief trip. Just eight hours to be precise so time was my main concern for this trip. Since I was to be at quite a distance from the airport prior to my scheduled departure from KL, i check in through the web a day before and had my boarding passes printed beforehand.

The process is relatively easy and no, you don't have to be all tech-smart to do this. Here's a pictorial guide as to how simple it is :

Step 1 : Select departure and arrival cities
Step 2: Key in booking number

Step 3 : Select guest(s)

Should you have any add-ons; luggage upgrade, seat selection or pre-order meals, you can do so in step four. However all payments are to be made via credit card.

This is the last step of the whole check in process!

After agreeing to the terms and conditions, you are ready to print your boarding pass! Yes, yes, it's that simple!

Fret not if you don't have a printer connected to your computer, you can always have it save in OneNote and then print it else where. (anywhere with printer lah).

I had my luggage hand carried since all I had in my luggage was towel, toiletries, a shirt and uh huh.. a pair of heels. It was after all just an eight hour trip, what is there to bring? Oh and, I know you must have your eye brow raise as to what I have in my luggage(especially the towel and heels) but rest assured, I was not engage in any activities of that sort. ;P

All I need to do when I reach the airport is to walk to the departure gate where there will be AirAsia staff on standby to verify my documents and I'm ready to fly!

Misplace your boarding pass after you have it printed?

No problem! You can always have them reprinted. :D

Pleasures of technology! <3


PaulK said...

AirAsiaX... be careful.

Most recently, my wife and I were stranded in Abu Dhabi when AirAsiaX announced they were canceling service to/from Abu Dhabi in January this year. They didn’t notify us (their stranded passengers) until Feb 10th. Neither did they offer any accommodation nor answer our emails asking for help. We had to get back to Malaysia on our own. They won’t reimburse our additional expenses either.

They said they would refund the Abu Dhabi/Kuala Lumpur portion of our trip, but it will take them 30-50 days to process the refund. Such an attitude!

Watch out for these guys. If you are considering using AirAsiaX, It might be a good idea to develop a plan B... just in case.

Huai Bin said...

You know, the reason I don't use this is coz I don't have a printer at home and I always forget to print 48 hours before in the office. :)

Great guide though!

Melanie said...

Paul K : I'm sorry to hear about your experience with AirAsia. I can't comment much on your case, but I think there are certain things that we have to pass on when we pay for a budget airline. it was clear in their terms (correct me if i'm wrong) that there will be no reimbursement of expenses should situation like this arise. The refund from any other full service airline pretty much takes about the same duration even tho' it was clear that it was their mistake. My experience with AirAsia has always been pleasant and just in case you are wondering, I am not working with AirAsia. :)

Huai Bin : Haha. The only setback is that they don't have the boarding gate printed. So you have to look out for them when you're at the airport.

Pink Cotton said...

hi there,
nice review on the airasia web check in. i've always wanted to try it but the process seems a little fuzzy...i don want to miss my flight~~ >.<

so you mean you just walk straight to the boarding hall with the printed boarding pass?the immigration officers there would recognize it? cos i don want any numbskull immigration officers to tell me no no this is not accepted :)

i m flying DIRECTLY after work next i think i have to use web check in this time...

Melanie said...

Hi Pink Cotton,

My apology for replying your comment a little late. Didn't have internet access in hotel.

Yes, all you have to do is to walk to the departure hall where there will be AirAsia staff waiting to validate your e-ticket. If there's none, you can also validate it at the information centre which is about 50m away.But if you have luggage check in,you'll have to drop it at least 1 hour prior to your departure. If you don't, you can just arrive minutes before the boarding time.

Try it, it's easy! :)

cijay said...

Yeah, great writeup. Never try before but you have described it easy! Curiosity wise, why is your alexa rank so poor?

Amer Aviation Lovers said...

Will fly with Air Asia this December..hope can try Air Asia web check in...