Saturday, March 20, 2010

Birthday Greetings!

It's funny how we've known each other for so many years now, have date and dated - yet the one thing we both never did was to be there for each other during our birthdays.

Well, the blame's definitely not on me. You're always in the other part of the world. :P

I made this for you. I've eaten it on your behalf but I'll made it up to you when I see you again.

...and just like every other years, I wish you nothing but the best of all the good things in the world.

Happy birthday.



msihua said...

Ooh.. very pretty =)

Melanie said...

msihua : Hi! Yeah, took me quite long to make it oso :P

Huai Bin said...

That's touching!

It looks good too.

You're in a LDR?

Melanie said...

Huai Bin : Hahaha, no. "have date, and dated". It was for an ex - we dated about seven years ago! .. hahaha long right? but we're still good friends. :)

I'm single, any candidates for me? I'm love deprived. Hahahaha jk jk. :p