Saturday, November 21, 2009

Scallop Marinara Spaghetti

The numero uno ingredient is of course non other than spaghetti. Try getting Spanish pasta instead of the generic brands like San Remo. Spanish pastas are better in texture.

I used scallop for my marinara but you can use any seafood of your choice. Prawn, mussels and squids would be great for marinara.

The flavorings came from one clove of garlic, ring olives, butter and tomato paste.

First, saute the garlic and olives in the piping hot melted butter. Garlic, olives and butter is like a triangle love. They blend so well and the aroma can be quite therapeutic! :p Because scallops take longer amount of time to cook, put it in before the spaghetti. However if you are using other seafood, put the spaghetti in first.

Once the scallops is sealed, put in the spaghetti, then add in the tomato paste and seasonings - salt and black pepper. When everything is well blended, let the scallops cook under it so that the natural flavors from the scallops would infuse to the spaghetti.

Let them cook a while , and here you go, voila!

Easy ain't it? It takes no more than 20 minutes to prepare this dish. :)

p/s : I am back in Kuching again! :D


Kelvin said...

I am a sucka for scallops!!! Going to try this soon^^

Melanie said...

Kelvin : Yea, me too! Scallops has this really nice taste and texture i like. Try it, it's easy :D

Rachel said...

yummy =P

Melanie said...

Rachel : indeed it is! :D