Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Malaysia Airlines : Malaysian Hospitality

If there is one "Malaysian Product" that I really believe in, it's Malaysia Airlines (MAS). Despite the steeper price, I've always been willing to pay a couple of extra bucks for MAS because of one sole reason - they always made me feel like a "guest".

Just less than a week ago, I find myself in two MAS cabin again, flying back home. The first one was of course no stranger to me, the quad-colored seats.

The second one though kinda caught me by surprise. Leather seats! I actually thought I was on the wrong flight and to be honest with you, I find it degraded the image of MAS. The blue color leather seats reminded me so much of a public bus I took a while ago! And if I didn't told you it was MAS, you would have thought it was Air Asia right?

However, the main reason of me writing this is not to criticize on how ugly their leather seats are but instead, on the cleanliness of the cabin.

Food stains, splashes of water and some unidentified dirt.

The food served were great (really, but it'll be in another post) but when I was served I actually didn't felt like eating when I saw the stains and all. I only ate because I was seating behind two kids who were on top of their lungs the whole flight and I couldn't sleep.

Hygiene is crucial and it disappoint me how MAS (who just won two Skytrax award) could overlook it. Of course I don't expect the whole cabin to be all shiny, but this is a little too much especially for a "5 star airline" who preach so much about their "world class cabin".

Sorry, but this is certainly not the way I view Malaysian Hospitality. :(


Ken Wooi said...

arghhh..! tsk tsk tsk..

Melanie said...

Kenwooi : Yeah, thought it was too much as well. Sigh!

Unknown said...

“Hi Melanie,

Thank you for bringing this up. This is certainly not up to Malaysia Airlines standards, and we will make it a point to investigate and take immediate action. Rest assured, it is our utmost priority to give our customers what matters most to them - and that is 5-star MH. Thanks for your continued trust in our airline, and we certainly hope to regain your confidence to continue to fly with us.

Pushpalata S.
Head, Customer Relations”

Melanie said...

Pushpalata S. (and Jung yee?):


Thank You for the respond. Malaysia Airline has always been associated with better service (as a whole , from the check in right to the luggage collection) and I've always believe in MAS but this certainly has tarnish the image I've always hold on MAS. Very disappointed and I do hope immediate action is taken. thanks again.

nothingmuchdave said...

wow that's really disgusting!!! hopefully MAS can rectified this ASAP!!!

Melanie said...

Dave : Yea, I do hope action will be taken and at least a little explanation to me. It's just unacceptable eh?

Huai Bin said...

Heh! They have great PR though, replying that fast. ;)

Melanie said...

Huai Bin : Haha yeah, but they never apologized if you notice ;p (even tho' I think it's not the customer relations' fault? but gotta be someone at fault right? Heh)

SW said...

My, that's really disgusting. But I was pretty surprised that they replied!

Melanie said...

SW : Yea, very disgusting indeed!