Monday, November 30, 2009

Chefmel turns 22 today!

Today is my birthday. :)

I got myself a book as a birthday gift to myself. Richard Branson's : Losing My virginity. Such a quirky title right? Hehe.

I am also quite broke , so if you're feeling guilty not buying me any birthday present, or if you're feeling rich today, please kindly donate to :

Melanie Ong Ai Wui
CIMB 1102-0002278-20-6

Thank You in advance :)


David said...

Happy 22nd Birthday, Mel! It was so coincidental that I log in to Blogger today. Haha...

Have a wonderful and blessed birthday! (^.^)v

Melanie said...

David : Hey david! Thanks and hope you're doing great there!