Saturday, July 04, 2009

A quick update!

Sorry for not updating! I flew back to the jungle (my uni that is) yesterday, only to be shocked when I found out I was changed to another room. Appealed in the office this morning and got my old room back.

The weather is so hot and i've been sweating like a pig. Gulp a few bottles of Gatorade Tiger - One of the best thirst quencher.

On another note, I really miss home now even tho' i've been here for barely two days. =(

Ah. gotta go sleep now. My body is aching so badly from the heavy boxes and two 25 kg luggage. I need a massage. Male masseur please. Anyone? ;p

Food post will resume soon-ish!


Huai Bin said...

Gatorade Tiger is serious milking the Tiger Woods franchise to bits. :)

Melanie said...

Huai Bin : Hahaha they even claimed that it was "specially formulated for Tiger Woods". Hehe. But i didn't buy it because of him tho. It was only after buying then i realized there was a small picture of him and his name. :P