Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Anthon Berg (Since 1984)

It's the mother bear's birthday today. I got her a set of cocktail chocolates in KL International Airport (At the junction of the walkway to MAS Golden Lounge, baggage collection and terminals) earlier this month and sent it to her a week later.

It's a set danish dark chocolate with 8 different types of liquor. I've never try it but according to my mum it was good. And unlike Jack Daniel's chocolate, the liquor actually ooze out rather than crystallized inside the chocolate.

Anyway, Happy Birthday mum! <3


Huai Bin said...

This is my mostest favoritest chocolates ever. Chocs with real liquor inside. Awesome!

Melanie said...

Huai Bin : Hahahahah yeah. :P