Monday, July 20, 2009

Singapore Chicken Rice

Contrary to popular belief, the chicken rice is not originated from Singapore but rather a homegrown brand in Sarawak. It's been around for decades now and has gain loyalty from the locals over the years. This is also an answer to why The Chicken Rice Shop is not popular in Kuching.

Judging from the interior, you would not have expect it to be a place for chicken rice if you didn't see the shop sign. It spots a modern design and is clean and comfortable. The stewards are all dressed neatly in uniforms and I find that a great plus.

Their latest branch in The Spring also has a comfortable al fresco dining area for those who prefer to take a puff while having their chicken rice.

The menu is not only restricted to the chicken rice category but instead, extended wide to the noodles category (including pasta!) and even the local favourites like tomato noodles and Laksa Sarawak.

Fried Wantan RM 4

My friend ordered this. I didn't take a bite because it looks too oily for my consumption. ;p

Chicken Meat Rolls RM 3.50

The last time I had this was two years ago and it was really good. But fast forward two years later, which is the latest visit, it tasted nothing like what I had. Not to mention that the price has hiked 75%.

Chicken Rice Set RM 5.30

I find the pyramid shaped rice something different as opposed to the normal round bowl shaped rice in most chicken rice shops. It was not the best chicken rice i've tasted but I can say that it falls under the satisfactory group. It was fragrant and cooked to perfection.

The chicken was however a total failure in texture, taste and presentation. I find it too bland and I thought the portion was too little for the price.

The soup that came along with the set was surprisingly good. The only complaint was that it didn't came hot(not the spicy hot) which is a major faux pas for me. I don't like cold soups.

Three Layer Tea

The three layer are not done artisticly perfect, but it tasted extremely good. Man, I am craving for one now!

Soya Bean and Grass Jelly

The Wacko Jacko tribute drink. ;P It was my friend's drink but I suppose it is just a normal soya bean drink with the addition of grass jelly cubes.

Their chicken rice is definitely not the best, but I would definitely come for the reasonable priced food, and the great atmosphere. They certainly have brought eating chicken rice into a whole new dimension. ;p

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Huai Bin said...

Hey, there is a very famous pyramid chicken rice in KK, Sabah too. I had that when I just got out of rehab...very awesome stuff. :)

msihua said...

The tea looks good... artistically =)

Oh yeah and I attempted the Butter Mushrooms and linked it back to ur post =)

Simon Seow said...

Sure beats chicken rice shop. Btw, I never been to chicken rice shop lol.

Melanie said...

Simon Seow : Hahahahaahahahaha! :P