Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Menu

First, sorry for the impromptu hiatus! I'm back in my hometown and I don't have Internet connection. Many things happen (including a funeral) and i didn't have the time to go online.

Apparently, three days ago, i turn 21.i had a quiet dinner with my close friends at this new place called The Menu in Jalan Keretapi upon recommendation from a friend.

I liked the interior. Impressive and classy.

There wasn't much choice for food tho'. We didn't take a long time to settle with our menu.

Grilled Cheese Chicken Chop

It is actually one of the best chicken chop I've tasted in kuching. Grilled almost to perfection and well marinated. The portion is too little tho'. i was hungry 2 hours later. ;p

Grilled Chicken Chop

Tasted the same with the cheese one, just without the piece of cheddar slice.

Grilled Fish Fillet

This one is on the bland side and i find the fish overcooked.

Ribena Sprite

Sour Plum

This is my drink. It tasted alright.

Ice Lemon Tea

I can't remember the exact figure for the price but the range for the one we ordered is RM 10- RM 11 for food, and RM2 - RM4 for drinks.

I then went to
jase's tea room to blow my cake ;p

Have a nice day everyone!

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