Sunday, December 07, 2008

Mc Donalds Breakfast

I had a depressing night in LCC-T recently. I overnight there because I couldn't make it for the last flight back to Kuching so i had to take the first flight the next morning. Anyway, before my flight, i had breakfast in McD's (not that there's many choice after all).

While everyone had the boring Mc Muffin and tasteless omelette,like always I went for the Hot Cakes. The pancakes is nothing to shout but it's the best on McDonald's breakfast menu.

It came with a small tub of butter and maple syrup. If you're sweet tooth like me,you can ask for an extra tub of maple syrup.

I also went for a cup of premium roast coffee. It is priced at RM 3.80, which I thought was slightly overpriced. The regular one goes for RM 4 ++ but there's no point of ordering that cause they provide free refills.

It has a nice strong aroma but it didn't help to keep me awake. I was asleep before the plane took off.

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