Saturday, November 22, 2008

Ice Milk

This is the Chinese version of air bandung. i like how i is presented-much like the three layer tea back in Kuching except this one is two layer.

The bottom layer is grenadine syrup and then top with mildly diluted ideal milk. i had thought it would be a "heavy" drink with the amount of milk in it but surprisingly it was really refreshing. It tasted really good and different from the Malay version of air bandung that is more than often too sweet.

Highly recommended -Available at Bali-Bali , Sungai Dua, Penang. It is called "guleng peng" (direct translation-ice milk) so if you intend to try, don't go and order "teng lang bandung" (direct translation-chinese bandung).

** This is the second time i camp in coffee bean within a week!! I couldn't make it for the last flight back to Kuching so , here I am stuck in the airport.


alien said...

made me feel thirsty...

Anonymous said...

HAHA. the first time i drank that was more 10 years ago. and i didn't know hokkien so i just tembak a drink which the waiter mistook it as gulengpeng. since then i like drinking it.